Leadership Can Be Taught

firefoxThis book is a doorway into the classroom of Harvard’s leadership virtuoso Ronald Heifetz and his colleagues—and an approach to adaptive leadership that responds to the challenges of our more complex and changing world. “Parks explores and reframes Heifetz’s work via her own keen sensibilities as a teacher and scholar…a work of. . . insight, clarity, subtlety, and utility.” — Parker Palmer


Common Fire

firefoxThis landmark study reveals how we become committed, and sustain our commitment, to the common good in the face of moral ambiguity, daunting complexity, and frequent discouragement. Based on the lived experience of over one hundred lives, it artfully blends compelling stories with powerful principles and practical advice to cultivate a society of more caring and committed people.


Big Questions, Worthy Dreams

firefoxOne of the challenges of the new commons is that the 20-something years have become a distinctive and puzzling time in the human lifespan. In a new 10th anniversary edition, Parks describes the vulnerability of these years and how mentors and mentoring environments will play a vital role in the potential transformations of thinking, feeling, and networks of belonging that are harbored within emerging adults.



firefoxRevised and updated from the award-winning classic, Effective Teaching & Mentoring, this second edition is a practical, engaging exploration of mentoring in adult higher education and its power to transform learning. Filled with inspiring vignettes, it shows how anyone who teaches can become a successful mentor to students.